MLM Showdown,

the Virtual Llama Show

Saturday May 16, 2020

4:00 P.M. Eastern Time

To play along we have created a class brackets.  Click here to download your copy.


Premium  update and Sponsors

With the generosity of Justin Timm Auction Service, Rick & Mary Adams, Tabbethia Haubold, Chris & Venesa Carter, Mike & Wendy Gerken, and Teri Conroy, Kim Schechinger we are able to offer more premiums.  Champions will receive $100, Reserve $75, 3rd $50, 4th $35, and the best of show will now be $250 for male and female.

Click on MLM SHOWDOWN to read rules and guidelines.

Click on MLM SHOWDOWN to read rules and guidelines.

We are excited to bring to you our first MLM Showdown Virtual Llama Show.  We wanted to bring to you a couple of samples of what NOT to do in your videos.  It is up to you to video the best that you can following the rules and guidelines. 

Practice to get your best video.

In this video, you will see things that are wrong:

      -  Lawn needs to be mowed short.

      -  The ground is not level when the llama is turning to walk back to the camera.

      - The showman is not walking in a straight line to the camera.

      -  Walking away from the camera we do not get a good view of the llama.

      -  No one wants to see your manure pile. Watch the back ground.

      -  Then there is a precious girl to finish out the video.

In this video we see confident girl leading her llama. But the cameraman needs help:

     - We see a finger in the upper left hand corner.

     - The camera person also used zoom in and out. Zooming not allowed.

     - This was taken after a rain and it left puddles of water that they had to walk around. 

     - Make sure to get the walking away from the camera right, as they start to walk away staying in the line of vision for the camera.

     - In both videos you will notice they were not dressed to show, or the llamas groomed.  Approach the video recording as a real show.